What is Jamu?

Cafe Jamu - Rasa Bumi LogoJamu is the traditional healing system of Indonesia and incorporates specific herbal combinations prepared in many forms (liquid, capsules, pills etc), but commonly as a delicious daily beverage for all members of the family. In the ancient past the health and beauty system of Jamu was preserved by the Royal families of Indonesia, whereas now it is mainstream in society. While many families prepare Jamu fresh, others purchase their Jamu every morning from female “Jamu Gendong” sellers, throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

In Jamu, disease is often seen to be due to factors such as wind & cold and hence the herbal beverages have a tangy pungency and spice to activate circulation and improve digestion and elimination. Modern research has also discovered that the ingredients in Jamu contain potent anti-ageing compounds with antioxidant, anticancer and cellular protective properties. Many of the herbs are also specific for maintaining female and male sexual health and hormonal balance. Other Jamu treatments involve massage, diet therapy and oil applications.

Cafe Jamu products are made from only the finest herbal ingredients and prepared to ensure maximum herbal activity and efficacy. All our medicinal health products are 100% natural and no chemical additives are used at any time. When you buy from Cafe Jamu you can be assured that each ingredient has been carefully selected and prepared under GMP manufacturing practice. All our capsule products are fully registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Health.